Helium recovery systems

The test gas helium is an important raw material used for leak detection in leak test systems. With rising helium raw material prices, the recovery of the test gas is becoming more and more attractive, especially in view of environmental certifications according to DIN EN ISO 14001 and resource savings.

The helium recovery systems developed by GHS Vakuumtechnik are designed as stand-alone or integrated systems and recover the test gas helium independently from the connected leak detection systems. Automated processes for helium treatment are: helium collection, compression, drying and storage at high pressure.

Depending on the application, helium recovery systems from GHS Vakuumtechnik are very profitable and usually pay back after 2-3 years at the latest.

  • Operating costs are significantly reduced
  • Independent system
  • Low space requirement
  • Fully automatic

Technical Data

Recovery rates of up to 95 %
Volume throughput 18.000 standard litres / min
Storage medium Helium
Working pressure max. 220 bar (or on request)
Number of compressors 2 pieces
Storage capacity of balloon 20 m³

We invest in quality!
Our quality management system is
TÜV Rheinland tested and certified.